Sam’s Pizzeria

Sam’s Pizzeria

Sam’s Pizzeria originally opened in 1946, one of two pizzerias in Essex County. The original location was one block away from its current space, which was opened in 1952. Six families have operated the business since then (three related families running since 1978). Delivery was offered from the beginning using Volkswagens and bikes. After 1996, the restaurant area opened with a licensed sit-down area. The first owner Sam Mazzella was from province of Frosinone in central Italy.


Monday: 11:00a-midnight

Tuesday: 11:00a-midnight

Wednesday: 11:00a-midnight

Thursday: 11:00a-2:00a

Friday: 11:00a-2:00a

Saturday: 12:00p-2:15a

Sunday: 12:00p-11:00p

Contact Us

(519) 258-5086

2215 Wyandotte St W

Windsor, ON, N9B 1K3


Ralph Mattano has owned the business since 2005, and his wife is first cousins with previous owner. Ralph began working at the restaurant in 1996 as a pizza delivery man and waiter, and then eventually bought the business. The pizza is cooked in a stone oven with the same original recipe from 1946.



Olive oil and fresh herbs, sprinkled with parmesan cheese

Al Pescatore

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh garlic, shrimp, scallops and calamari

Alla Quattrto Staggione

Tomatoe sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, green peas, black olives and artichokes