Arcata Pizzeria (South Windsor)

Arcata Pizzeria (South Windsor)

Founded in 1972, Arcata Pizzeria has been family owned and operated for three generations and counting. We hold our traditional values to heart while priding ourselves in serving quality products with ingredients bought locally and homemade. With our extensive menu, everyone in the family will be able to enjoy a bite (even the health nuts!). However, it doesn’t stop there – we continuously looking for the latest trends in the food industry, to fulfill the cravings and new adopted eating habits by our clients  


Monday: 10:00a-9:00p

Tuesday: 10:00a-10:00p

Wednesday: 10:00a-11:00p

Thursday: 10:00a-11:30p

Friday: 10:00a-11:30p

Saturday: 10:00a-11:30p

Sunday: 10:00a-11:00p

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3021 Dougall Ave

Windsor, ON


Arcata Pizzeria owner Bob Abumeeiz started as a delivery driver for Domino’s in early 1980s. He eventually went through their management program and worked his way up to store manager. Bob always loved to cook and fell in love with pizza business, left pizza business for school for business in 90s, was customers, and June 1, 1996 bought Arcata. Same recipes and ingredients. In 2015, an ex-Windsorite in Regina, SK wanted to surprise her husband for the Super Bowl, and ordered an Arcata Pizza be delivered. Arcata can prepare pizza’s for out of region delivery by partially cooking, cutting slices, and then freezing. Still get requests. Canada 150 – Canada Flag pizza, donated to Downtown Mission.


Chicken Shawarma

Garlic base, marinated chicken, red onion, tomato, hot peppers, drizzle of pesto sauce

Fig & Prosciutto

Olive oil base, figs, spinach, caramelized onion, goat cheese & prosciutto

Doc's Favourite

Sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, rosemary and goat cheese